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How To Make A Bottle Rocket

: How To Make A Bottle
oakley sunglasses discount Rocket It’s simpler then it sounds to make a working bottle rocket and doesn’t cost you much money. You only need a few materials. Make sure the bottom part
fake oakleys of your rocket has
oakleys sunglasses the parachute with the tennis ball inside. DO .Cut out 3 4 wings that are the same in size. If the size is off it will effect how high the rocket launches. You can make them whatever size you want and whatever shape you want.Once the wings are cut out, tape them
cheap oakley sunglasses onto the sides of the bottom bottle of your rocket so it looks somewhat to the picture. Make sure they taped around the same height because the wings effect the direction and the height of the rocket.what does "Then once the string is
cheap oakley sunglasses tied to the bag you cut a hole in the tennis ball so the string can fit through and get to the other side of the tennis ball. Then make a hole in the piece of cardboard or foam so the string can also get through. This will hold the tennis ball and string in place. Then tie the string so the tennis ball stays attached to the bag." mean? What piece of cardboard? What does the
cheap oakleys piece of cardboard look like? Do you mean one of the cardboard wings on the rocket? There was no instruction for the piece of cardboard that the strings pass through. What is the purpose of this piece of cardboard? Please be more clear if you are giving instructions.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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