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Exit interview

Todd Gloria had been San Diego City Council president less than a year when he became interim mayor following Bob Filner’s Aug. 30
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet resignation. Few would argue that he inherited a crisis in management at City Hall. He will return to his council duties and hand the keys of the mayor’s office to newly elected Kevin Faulconer on March 3. Gloria met with the U T Editorial Board last week to discuss his tenure as interim mayor and what lies ahead. Following is an edited transcript of the interview.Answer: I’m leaving him the mayor’s office better than I found it, one that I think is prepared and capable of executing the operational plans that he may have for the city. And he will have a willing and supportive partner in this council president to
Michael Kors handbags outlet make sure that we keep the city on the positive trajectory that it’s now on.Q: You’ve spoken before about the mess that you inherited when Mayor Filner resigned, particularly in the management problems at City Hall. What was the most difficult part of that for you?A: The
fake Michael kors handbags outlet number of vacancies in top
Michael kors handbags outlet city positions. When I came in we did not have a permanent chief operating officer, assistant chief operating officer, chief financial officer, code compliance director, public utilities
cheap Michael kors handbags outlet director, development services director.What we’ve been able to do, in addition to the management reorganization that we passed unanimously for the city council, I think achieves a much greater level of oversight and accountability. You know I had only a few weeks before to even contemplate the idea of having to run the city for six months. I was coming in and not having the professional support because they, quite frankly, were either fired or scared away by the previous mayor. That was probably the most significant challenge.Q: You will return to your role as council president. What’s your agenda
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet in that job for the rest of the year?A: It’ll be substantially similar to what I laid out in the State of the City. But I do want to note that I
wholesale Michael Kors handbags outlet hadn’t had the opportunity to have a productive relationship with the mayor as council president. The time I spent in 2013 was largely trying to prevent bad things from happening as a result of the mayor. So I’m welcoming the opportunity to work with Kevin, continuing what has always been a very positive relationship that Kevin and I have had.Going forward, there’s four key areas that I think are incredibly important. First and foremost is infrastructure. I believed this before I took over as mayor, but I believe even more strongly as I exit, that this is the single biggest barrier to our city’s greatness. We cannot be a great 21st century city with crumbling infrastructure. We’ve got to be aggressive about it. A lot has been done. More must be done and we can do a lot internally streamline our processes, make
Michael Kors handbags outlet better use of the resources that we have.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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